Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Psycho Path

If you want me to identify myself on Vox's hierarchy, I'll default to Gamma until told otherwise, so take my advice with a shaker of salt.

It doesn't matter.  I'm married.  I've learned (post-wedding) to stop worshiping women, so that's improving.  One day soon, I may even be the head of my own house, the local AMOG (though never, I imagine, an actual Alpha).

I don't need to be Alpha, though.  I merely need to identify what I want, and what I can do to get it.

Vox has a post addressing the concerns of a self-professed Omega, and I want to riff on it a bit, particularly on the only Game I am any good at running:  Psychopath game.

I was homeschooled.  I am the poster-boy for the "How will he ever be socialized?" argument.  As a natural introvert, I capitalized on my freedom to not interact with people.  And I came out a little odd for it.

How odd?

Standing perched on a tree-branch in a thunderstorm, cloak billowing in the wind, as students of my Christian College hurried past me on their way to the lunch building odd.

I own a top-hat, two cloaks, and a sword.  Big deal, so I'm a ren-fest kind of a guy, right?  Except it wasn't until I was 27 that I realized that people were actually frightened by me walking about in this gear as though it was every-day atire.

Which I did.  Every day.

But here's the thing... the only girls I drove away with my Dark Lord getup were the ones I was trying to get.

"Oh, is that all?"

Yeah.  I've found out after the fact that several fairly attractive women were attracted to me (6s and 7s, which as I am a 4, is not too shabby).  But the girls I wanted could feel the worshipful interest, like some kind of ray of clammy death, and ran screaming in the other direction.

The others followed in my wake because I was 1) Flamboyant, 2) Clearly socially dominant (if only because I did not know or care what a social hierarchy even was), and 3) Oblivious to their attentions.

Typical conversation.

Emrys: (humming a pleasant tune while wiping counters.  Stops suddenly and belts out a practiced Evil Laugh(TM)).

Girl: "Geez!  You scared me!"

Emrys:  "Why thank you!" (Preens)

Girl: "What were you laughing at anyway?"

Emrys: (Disdainful) "It would take hours to explain it to you."

This would be followed by the girl in question hanging on my every word and offering me stuff for the rest of the day.

Which I never noticed.

Which is part of why it worked.

Anyway, I do use sociopath game (intentionally now) to this day, both to mess with the ladies at my day job, and with my wife.  The point is, if you can't help but be a creeper, you can still turn it to advantage by boldly flaunting your deviance.  Just be aware that it has its limits.  If you want to do more than just turn a few heads, and especially if you want non-romantic relationships with (say) members of your own sex, you will still need to learn how to build rapport and how to function in a social setting.  These are both things I am currently working on.

However, sociopath game still has its place, and can in fact be managed without freaking everyone out irrevocably.  For the nerds among you, I recommend Mr. Spock and the Tenth Doctor as good role-models here.

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